At Low Cost Pet Vax we frequently get questions about how our pet vaccination clinics work – whether appointments are needed, how we handle the dog and cat vaccinations, and what low cost services we’re able to offer at our mobile clinics.

Low Cost Pet Vax Clinic Setup

Low Cost Pet Vax sets up under tents at parking lots with our partner locations. We provide check in tables with paperwork for clients to fill out. All vaccinations and services are done on-site.

(We can even travel to your car or come to you if you need to keep your dog or cat separate!)

Some services like heartworm tests take a minute or two to complete, but we aim for fast, efficient service.

Visiting a Vaccination Clinic

All you need to drop by one of our vaccination clinics is you, your dog, and some form of payment – we take cash, credit and debit.* No appointment necessary!

We provide a copy of your paperwork with proof of vaccinations received and additional details, such as a Rabies certificate, heartworm test results, microchipping details etc depending on what services you select.

*Note: At the time we are currently unable to accept checks or other services such as CareCredit. We’re sorry for the inconvenience!

What Our Low Cost Clinics Can’t Do

While we are hoping to provide low cost spays and neuters at an upcoming clinic by next year, we can’t currently provide any surgical services or procedures such as heartworm treatment.

Stay tuned for updates as we release new services! (You can follow us on Facebook to always receive the latest updates!).

We’re dedicated to providing the best experience for clients and patients. If you have any questions or suggestions, feel free to contact us at 817-282-1000