We’re excited to announce a new product available at all our clinics starting this weekend. We are now carrying Bravecto for cats, a 3 month topical flea & tick preventative! 

We already carry Bravecto for dogs, which is popular thanks to its convenience (one tablet and you’re good for 3 months!), affordability (only $49), and effectiveness (there’s even a product satisfaction guarantee!).  Since the flea lifecycle lasts 3 months, you must keep your dog or cat on flea preventative for a minimum of 3 months to get rid of an existing flea problem. Bravecto allows pet owners to take care of their flea problem with just one tablet. 

Bravecto for cats works just like Bravecto for dogs – except cat-friendly, in more ways than one. Unlike Bravecto for dogs, the medication for cats is topical. This definitely saves a lot of headaches for cat owners!

Stop by any of our clinics across Dallas-Fort Worth this weekend for the 3-month topical flea & tick preventative for cats, priced at only $49.