Low Cost Pet Vax Clinics in Plano

Fiesta Mart

1200 E Parker Rd, Plano, TX 75074

Every 1st  Sunday from 12pm – 4pm. Next Scheduled Clinic: 4/7/19 

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Pet Vaccination Clinics in Plano

Low Cost Pet Vax hosts affordable pet vaccination clinics in Plano every month! We provide services from puppy vaccinations to cat microchipping and flea/tick preventative!

All of our clinics have board-certified, experienced, friendly veterinarians on staff. At our pet vaccination clinics in Plano, we provide the best service around, at unbeatable prices. Our goal isn’t just to protect your pet for less – it’s to provide important information about what your pet actually needs, while giving you options so you can afford that level of care.

How low cost is low cost?

Our prices are very low, due to the nature of our clinics. At our Plano pet vaccination clinics, all vaccinations and a heartworm test – your dog’s yearly package – are only $75! Or, if you need to break our packages up, our Rabies vaccinations are only $10. Puppy packages start at $32. We provide pet owners with tight budgets options, so they can protect their pets no matter their situation.

Why are your prices so low? What’s the difference?

Because we don’t pay the same bills a vet does! Our pet vaccination clinics in Plano are hosted outdoors. We provide limited services, and we don’t provide comprehensive exams. Although this means you don’t have to pay any extra, it also means we don’t recommend replacing your regular vet with Low Cost Pet Vax. We strongly recommend yearly exams at your regular vet. However, we want to provide an option for affordable vaccinations and other preventative care, so you can afford to protect your pet.

Can I make an appointment?

Our Plano vaccination clinics are first come, first served. We do provide paperwork on-site that keeps your place in line, and we provide very quick, friendly service. Clients rarely wait 20 minutes at the very longest – and if you are waiting longer, we have water, chairs, and friendly staff who can answer any questions you might have.