Hurst Pet Vaccination Clinics

Unfortunately we are no longer able to provide vaccination clinics in the city of Hurst! While Hurst allows vaccination clinics, they only allow veterinarian clinics  in Hurst to host them. Our apologies for the inconvenience! We are searching for a nearby location ASAP. In the meantime, we have locations in Irving, Arlington and Fort Worth.

Pet Vaccination Clinics Hurst: FAQ

What do I need to register my pet with the city of Hurst?

According to the Hurst municipal code, “All dogs and cats four (4) months of age or over within the City shall be immunized against rabies with a one (1) year or three (3) year vaccine given by a licensed veterinarian.” We provide Rabies vaccinations ($10) starting at 3 months old at the minimum, but we recommend your pet’s first Rabies vaccine be given at 4 months of age in compliance with Texas law and for the safety of your pet.

The city of Hurst does not require microchipping, but we highly recommend microchipping your pet in order to help them get back home safe. In fact, 1 in 3 pets go missing at some point in their life. A microchipped pet has a much higher chance of returning home than a non-chipped pet.

How do your Hurst vaccination clinics work?

We set up at the O’Reilly’s on W Pipeline every 1st & 3rd Sunday! Just show up and we will provide you with paperwork (takes about 1 minute to complete). Our receptionists personally go over the packages we provide and what we recommend for your pet’s health. If you have your pet’s vaccination history, please bring it with you so a friendly receptionist can review your records and make the best recommendation. We also provide proof of vaccination along with Rabies certificate, Rabies tag, and any other services provided.

Are you open throughout the week in Hurst?

We currently do not have a brick and mortar location in Hurst, but we do have a clinic in Irving! For more information about our full-service clinic in Irving, visit