Low Cost Pet Vax Clinics in Grand Prairie

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730 W Pioneer Pkwy, Grand Prairie, TX 75051
Next Scheduled Clinic: 1/19/19, 9am – 12pm
Every  3rd Saturday, 9am – 12pm

Pet Vaccination Clinics in Grand Prairie: FAQ

Low Cost Pet Vax hosts pet vaccination clinics in Grand Prairie every month! Our affordable vaccination clinics allow pet owners to protect their pets year-round no matter their budget or situation.

Every Grand Prairie mobile vaccination clinic has excellent, friendly board-certified veterinarians. Experienced and friendly staff are available to answer every question. Our goal is to provide not just great prices, but also the best service available!

Do you have any other pet vaccination clinics in Grand Prairie? 

Unfortunately not yet, we are working on adding some more in the area. But, in the meantime, we visit Grand Prairie every month. We’re also nearby in Arlington, Dallas, and Irving!

Do you register pets with the city of Grand Prairie? 

We do not register pets ourselves. However, we do provide all the paperwork you need! Grand Prairie does not require pet registration or provide pet licenses. In Texas, all pets must be vaccinated against Rabies. Puppies and kittens need their first Rabies vaccine by 4 months. After that, your pet needs yearly Rabies boosters (unless they have had the 3-year Rabies). You can vaccinate your pets against Rabies for only $10 at all of our clinics!

What services do you provide? Spays/Neuters?

Since they are low cost, our weekend pet vaccination clinics provide limited services. However, we do also have a full-service clinic in Irving. While the prices aren’t as extremely discounted, we still keep them as affordable as possible. For more information about our full service clinic, visit lowcostpetvet.net.

We provide an affordable, convenient option for:

  • vaccinations
  • heartworm testing
  • heartworm preventative
  • puppy packages
  • kitten packages
  • flea/tick preventative
  • microchipping.

Call us at 817-617-7387 for more information.